The Enlargement of the Pupils on Reaching the High Mountains

A film collage

3 October 2015 to 4 September 2016

Where would Switzerland be without Swiss film? And where would Swiss film be without the mountains? The Swiss Alpine Museum is taking the panoramic route by bringing together a hundred feature films, cartoons, and short films from the last hundred years in the form of a daring collage with an entirely new plot. “The Enlargement of the Pupils on Reaching the High Mountains” is a familiar tale of a mountaineering expedition, but narrated in a rather unusual way. Following the standard plot, the expedition leaves the city behind and sets off into the mountains. The participants climb up to an alp and from there go on to the summit. Everything would be fine, if it weren’t for the avalanches and the treacherous rockfall.
But this mountain adventure is not to be experienced from a cinema seat. Instead, a group of up to 20 people spend an hour together wandering through ten rooms spread over two floors, sharing a fate as surely as if they were roped together. This film project at the Swiss Alpine Museum is a world premiere, combining the first ever walk-round mountain film with a declaration of love for a century of Swiss cinema.

The project was produced in cooperation with the Lausanne-based scriptwriter Antoine Jaccoud, Zurich University of the Arts, Cinémathèque Suisse, and Swiss film

A special issue of the Swiss film journal “Filmbulletin” (in German) will be produced about the project.


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