Himalaya Report

Himalaya Report
Mountaineering in the Media Age

25 April 2014 to 26 July 2015

Mountaineering is communication. It fascinates people because of its stories – stories that are covered in the media and which captivate the public. And the mountaineers themselves are not silent; they actively co-direct how mountaineering is reported on. They write books, take photographs, make films, hold lectures, and take a stand in blogs, interviews and on Twitter. The exhibition “Himalaya Report” shows how this media trend all began and how it has developed until today.

Doctor and mountaineer Jules Jacot Guillarmod from Neuchâtel took the first photograph of K2 in 1902. Back in Switzerland, he held lectures and published accounts of his travels. His eccentric mountaineering partner Aleister Crowley provided his very own version of events when he published the “Confessions” years later. “Himalaya Report” follows the historical trail of media coverage of mountaineers across the 20th century, highlighting examples such as Günter Oskar Dyhrenfurth and his documentary and film project of Kangchenjunga (1930/34), the Swiss Everest expeditions and their national media response (1952/56), and Reinhold Messner’s numerous books and his roles as extreme mountaineer, author, and cultural entrepreneur. And finally, the generation of alpinists in our multimedia world of today: Top mountaineers Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, David Lama, Ueli Steck and Stephan Siegrist talk about the balancing act between reporting and being reported on. The museum visitors have the final say. The topic will be covered in even greater detail in the accompanying events (a follow-on program is scheduled for October 2014).

In collaboration with the Museum d’histoire naturelle in Neuchatel and the Association Jules Jacot Guillarmod.

The book to the exhibition:
Charlie Buffet: Jules Jacot Guillarmod – Pionier am K2. Entdecker und Fotograf im Himalaya,
Published by AS Verlag Zurich, pp. 160, 200 illustrations.

The open forum is a blog.
Themes of the exhibition and latest mountaineer news are to be found on the blog which is open for discussions. External authors such as Oswald Oelz or Sandra Steffan are enriching the blog with posts.