Christoph Bangert/laif

Picture: Christoph Bangert/laif

The Enlargement of the Pupils on Reaching the High Mountains

 A film exhibition

 3 October 2015 to 7 August 2016

This is what the prolific journalist and writer Niklaus Meienberg wrote in 1981. Almost wrote, that is, for Meienberg had actually sourced this statement from a 1948 medical dissertation and used it as a beguiling title for his own book. The Swiss Alpine Museum is now imitating him, so to speak, taking it from Meienberg and making something new out of it that has never existed in this form before. 100 Swiss feature-, cartoon- and short-films in which at least one scene is set in the Swiss mountains will be transformed into a few film plot by means of a daring collage. More precisely: 400 hours of film material from over 100 years of film history will be viewed, dissected into scenes, catalogued and meticulously mounted into a new story. The new film will not be shown in a classical cinema, but in an accessible interior world at the Alpine Museum. Instead of sitting in a cinema, visitors will be offered the experience of a three-dimensional tour, and whoever sets out on this hour-long tour will be accompanied by the heroes of cinema; turning back is not part of the plan.


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